There are 2 aspects to our bodies we can train; our energy systems and our muscles.

Each program contains 4 types of workout, each with a different stimulus.

Where energy systems are concerned, training heart rate zones will ensure the intended stimulus is targeted. But don’t worry if you don’t have a heart rate monitor, we’ll still give you a strong indication of pace!


The aerobic system develops slow twitch muscle fibres and is the foundation to higher intensity training. Importantly, it uses the lactate generated by our anaerobic system, as fuel. The more we train our aerobic system, the more higher intensity volume we can sustain at lower risk of injury.


The optimal output for this training zone is measured by the feeling when lactate is being cleared by your aerobic system, at the same rate it is being produced by your anaerobic system. The anaerobic system is capable of greater output of power than your aerobic system and training the anaerobic system trains the body to clear lactate more efficiently and among other benefits, can increase your VO2 Max (maximum efficient output).


This is the highest rate at which our bodies can transport oxygen to our muscles and is capped by our individual genetic potential. Training can improve VO2 max up to our genetic potential. VO2 max is roughly considered the maximum pace which is sustainable for 8mins... consider the length of your 2k rowing test!


Weight and/or plyometric (body-weight) training leads to improvements in speed/ power which pushes out the boundary of our lactate threshold i.e. perform more work before lactate production exceeds lactate clearance. Fast twitch muscle fibres are developed, as well as neuro-muscular co-ordination i.e. efficient recruitment of major muscle groups in functional movement.

Tuning your engine



Be guided through creation of a balanced program specific to your personal goals, or start training immediately with access to our extensive workout library. ERGWOD offers flexibility and focus tailored to you.